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Cat Care Schedule

Posted on 2014-08-27 16:44:00

Right from the very beginning, when you bring your new kitten home, you are in charge of taking care of its overall health and wellbeing.

This page will help you plan their lives a bit better so that they will have their essential medical needs.

Not everybody can remember everything, so we have the Internet to help us! Please use this guide as a tool so that you can care for your little friends who need you so much.

Please check with your vet as vaccination requirements differ between some breeds and are not the same in all states and territories.

Cat Care Schedule
Common Cat Diseases What cats are at risk Prevention
Feline Enteritis Cats under 12 months Vaccination
Feline Respiratory Disease
(Cat Flu)
Cats of all ages Vaccination
Feline Chlamydia Usually in kittens up to the age of 9 months Vaccination
FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Cats of any age Vaccination
if at risk
First vet visit – Physical examination
First vaccination
Begin Heartworm Prevention and Flea control - ongoing
Vaccination boosters
Final Vaccination

One week after the 14 vaccination your kitten can go outside and socialise with other cats.

FIV Vaccination requires a course of 3 vaccinations which can be done at 10, 12 & 14 weeks of age or later in life also. Cats vaccinated for FIV after 6 months will require a blood test prior to vaccination.

Cats vaccinated for FIV after 6 months will require a blood test prior to vaccination

Physical Examination (yearly PE's are important for your pet's health)
Vaccination boosters may be required


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