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Nutrition and your Dog

Posted on 2015-03-23 16:44:00

A nutritionally balanced diet is vital to a full-gown adult dog to maximise their peak health and wellbeing. Providing your dog with a balanced combination of meat, cereals and vegetables will help to achieve this.

Always read the nutrition guides found on all good dog food packaging.

The Right Nutrition for a Happy and Healthy Dog
Once your dog has hit maturity, it’s time to get settled on a regular routine for meals. In order to achieve maximum health potential your dog’s diet needs need to include a balance of these 5 major nutrient groups:

Dogs need an abundance of protein in their diet, they cannot survive without it. The dietary protein contains essential amino acids that they cannot make themselves. These are the building blocks of muscle, skin, coat, organs and all other tissues.
In addition these essential amino acids found in dietary protein are the source of carbon chains required to produce the glucose for energy.

With around twice as much energy per gram as protein or carbohydrates, fat is an excellent source of energy. Fat contributes to palatability in food, is essential for healthy skin and coat, provides the body with necessary fatty acids, and helps with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
Insufficient fat can result in problems such as dry skin, dull coat, poor reproduction, and inadequate development and growth in puppies. On the other hand, just like us, too much fat leads to obesity and health disorders associated with extra weight.

Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and minerals contribute to many processes, including metabolic functions, energy production, electrolyte balance, and fluid balance.  Without enough vitamins and minerals, a dog could suffer from impaired organ function, fatigue, muscular weakness, poor growth, dry skin, hair loss, an impaired immune system, and poor skeletal formation.

Carbohydrates, made up of sugar, starches, and dietary fibre (such as that found in grains and vegetables), provide energy and aid in glucose production. Glucose, in turn, is the most efficient source of energy for the body.

Water is by far the cheapest and most important nutrient that you can give to your puppy. Like humans, their bodies are made up of 70% water and it is vital to healthy cell function and tissue lubrication.
Make sure that you give your dog plenty of fresh and clean water every day. Refresh their water regularly, and keep the bowl clean and free of dirt and critters.

So what do I Feed my Dog?
Ok, so you now know what nutrients to look out for when it comes to your dog’s health, but chances are you’re not a pet nutritionist, so you need to know what food to actually feed your canine companion.  
There is a seemingly endless range of dog foods online and it is hard to dodge the marketing hype and just find a food that suits yours and your dog’s needs. Here is a quick guide to decide which one is best.

Look for Quality
Take your time to read the ingredients list on the product packaging to find out what is really in the food. Things to look out for are:

  • Meat protein such as chicken or beef as a main ingredient
  • Balanced with essentials such as wholegrain and fibre
  • Contain natural blends of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Look for Best Value
High quality dog foods will always have detailed instructions on how to feed your dog according to its size and sometimes even specialise in the particular breed. From this you can easily work out the number of meals you will get from one bag of dog food..
When you compare super premium food to the supermarket brands you will find that they often work at as the cheaper option. A 15kg or 20kg bag of dry dog food for example may seem expensive upfront, but over a 2 month period it will work out cheaper.

Listen to and Trust the Experts
Good nutrition is vital for your pet’s health and wellbeing, it is the foundation for how they function, feel and behave every day. Manufacturers of super premium pet food such as Royal Canin, Advance and Hills Science Diet know this and have researched and designed their foods to be filled with the right balance of nutrition to ensure the maximum benefit for your pets. This is why we only sell and recommend super premium foods.

This all sounds pretty complicated, but you’re not expected to be a pet nutritionist or scientist; just make sure you buy the right food for your dog. At Jumbo pets we only stock Super Premium Brands of food that contain high levels of all the essential nutrients for your puppy’s developmental needs. Go to our Puppy Food section in our online store to see the range on offer.

Feel free to contact our team to find out which brand and type is right for your puppy.